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Spring Blooms – “Live View” to the Rescue

Tip:  Spring means rebirth, new growth, and a time when trees, shrubs, flowers, and all vegetation beautifies the earth in bold rich color and soft pastel tones. This past April I went walking through a park to look for photos with my brand new Panasonic L1 35mm SLR with Live View capability. Without it, the accompanying image of the magnolia blossom would not have been possible. The bloom was approximately 9 feet from the ground. Looking through a viewfinder at this height couldn’t be done unless I carried a step ladder. Live View allowed me to hold the camera above my head and compose the scene on the LCD on the back of the camera. For point and shoot users this is common, but the Panasonic L1 is one of only three SLR cameras that have this capability. Combined with the fact the body has a built in flash, I was able to add fill light to the dark side of the bloom. With the very bright Live View image on the LCD, I framed the blossom against a blue sky and made sure no mergers occurred with the background elements I included in the image that frame the blossom on either side.

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