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Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens

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Bob StevensyyyyMy name is Bob Stevens and I am a working photographer. My customer base is mostly corporate and organizational but, as I believe these shots show, I have a great zeal for the art of photography.

I have also taught photography, both at the University of Maryland and privately at my camera store, and have been a guest lecturer at numerous camera clubs and photo expositions.

Being a native of Washington, D.C. provides great logistical help in photographing subjects around the nation’s capital. My familiarity with the city’s layout, venues, and travel routes, etc., saves my clients anguish and money. They never wonder where I am or how long it will take me to find them. Being in this area also opens many opportunities to work for dynamic and wonderfully diverse organizations.

Having said that, it is not unusual for me to travel with – or to – customers around the globe. I have traveled as far as Bangkok, Thailand and Honolulu, Hawaii on commercial assignments. In other words, travel is no problem and, if viewed as an overall cost item, such jobs are usually less expensive than trying for an unknown quantity at the event destination.

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Comments to “Robert Stevens”

  1. “Bob is an excellent instructor. He shared his knowledge on the do’s and don’ts on how to use the camera so that one could take the perfect picture. Due to his patience and instructions, I am no longer afraid to use my camera. ”


  2. “I took a composition in the field class in Washington, DC. My class was yesterday in Eastern Market. My instructor, Robert Stevens, led me and four other students through a very helpful and interesting class. I am a rank novice as far as using the full potential of my equipment. I shoot with a Canon Powershot SX10 IS. It is not an SLR, and everyone else at the class had a fairly impressive array of SLR digital equipment. Bob never had me do anything lesser or made me feel at all underpowered for his lessons. He challenged me, and he really started me in a new direction.

    I went to the class to capture some basics about what I could do with my camera out of the automatic settings. I took a small step into a larger world with his help, and I really appreciate it. My photos and my technique will need a lot of expiramenting and work, but he really helped me start. I also greatly appreciated that he gave us his contact information for follow up questions. He was a very generous professional, and I learned a lot.”

    – Evan Franke


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