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Give Yourself an Assignment: Color

When I arrive in a new place without a clear idea of what I want to photograph, I try and give myself an assignment. In this case it was how to see color. These three photos were taken in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC. The morning began with fog and drizzle and gave way to a sparkling afternoon.

Hinda Color Tip1

The row of houses was first on my list, with a gray sky and yet these stand out colors. I wondered what might happen if a house was sold to someone who wanted a gray house. But these houses started me thinking about the used of color and how it appears randomly.


Hinda Color Tip 2


Here is a wall I passed and love the bright red brick and the design of the faded poster with the red wall showing through in places.


Hinda Color Tip3


This a pocket park with the colors on the wall and in the old water of the bird bath playing off one another.


Hinda Color Tip4


Finally, this shot is later in the day at a protest rally where the the colors of the city once again fell into place for me, as I looked for primary color combinations.


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