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    “The class was good. learned a lot. i just need practice now. ”


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    “Good morning Richard,

    Our workshop was amazing, Taku was great we had a great time and learned a lot. I only used my iphone, it was a gift for my fiancé to learn to use his camera better as he used photo and video a lot in our training studio to promote the business. I will get a hold of the camera tonight and download images to share. Thanks for checking in! I will be sure to share our feedback on the site”


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    “Thank you so much Taku,, I had a great time and learned a lot ‎!
    The picture is amazing I love it!!!!!!!

    With gratitude and respect”


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    ” Thanks we are very happy that we did attend the training and was blessed to have an instructor like Taku who had so much patience with us and we learnt so much in the time we had. Lots of what we were told were some things that we took for granted and pointed ion the right direction not we can walk around with our cameras and feel good. I did some photos on the website for you and everyone to see. Thanks again guys and keep the good work up.”


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    “Sanja was a wonderful teacher – she was patient and very encouraging and put me at ease so I felt comfortable and confident using my camera and experimenting with different subjects, angles and settings. She explained everything simply and clearly, and stuck with me until I got the concept. She showed me both how to use the camera settings for different purposes using practical exercises, as well as how to tell a story with the right shot. Over our three hours she was creative in finding lots of interesting subjects with different technical challenges. I started out with very little DSLR experience and was taking great shots by the end of the afternoon. Also had a lot of fun! Would recommend.”

    -Anne Fleming

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    “Hi Sanja,

    Thank you for a very enjoyable class. I look forward to more photo classes with you in the future and I will invite some friends next time. Here are some of my favorite photos we took last week.”


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    “Just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I very much enjoyed the workshop with Sanja. She kept it fun and informative and we appreciated her effort and encouragement.”

    -Gary Gibbs

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    “Hi Sanja,

    Amanda Gibbs here. Thanks so much for the course this past Saturday, I learned a ton about proper composition, where/how to crop properly, and how to capture the same image from different angles. I’ve also attached my favourite photos from the day, hope you like them!”

    -Amanda Gibbs

  9. (Administrator)

    “Thank you very much for such a wonderful class on Saturday, I had a lot of fun.”

    Kind Regards,

    -Kristina Solymos, OCT

  10. (Administrator)

    “First, let me tell you how much I enjoyed our workshop last Sunday. I learned a lot and left hungry to learn more. That’s a great combination!

    You have a wonderful ability to circulate amongst your students, (and we were a large group of 12) and both critique and praise. You kept theory to a minimum but gave sufficient direction for us to practise different techniques in the class. I found that I could hear your words when I reviewed the 172 pictures that I returned home with. I was able to see which were bad, and which made me quite proud. Thank you for that!

    On another note, if you are able to make this possible I think that the models might like to see the portraits that were taken. Some, I think were exceptional. I know that I personally would very much like to see them. You may certainly give out my e-mail to anyone. (as belonging to the older lady with the blue hat 🙂 )

    I am sending you 5 of my favourites in this e-mail and will attach the next 5 in a second e-mail. (Not sure how many g-mail can transport at one time. Do let me know if this works.

    Once again, thank you for a great workshop!!”

    – Diane Goudie

  11. (Administrator)

    “The class was really fun! It is my first ever official photography class. I deposited my pictures into Dropbox. I can share the folder with you!

    Thanks for creating this academy!”

    – Joyce

  12. (Administrator)

    “Attached are some of my photos. I am heading out on a 6 week solo trip through Southeast Asia and I feel much better prepared for using my camera more effectively now. I was always fine with finding angles I like, but I really enjoyed getting to know more about the different functions on the camera. Thanks for the lessons!”

    – Kelly Muir

  13. (Administrator)

    “Once again, thanks for your expertise and advice on our photo course last Sunday.”

    – Dale Crawford

  14. (Administrator)

    “Thanks for a great day – you have taught me to have people in my pictures as they do in fact tell a story”

    – JoAnn

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    “Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge and the tips you emailed.”

    – Zeeshan

  16. (Administrator)

    “I enjoyed our outing. you are a good teacher. and i am sure you are a talented artist!
    maybe we can collaborate on some film projects of mine!”



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