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San Francisco

San Francisco

Welcome to the DPA workshops in San Francisco, taught by photographers Jerry Downs and Peter Thoeny. Locations are in the city limits of San Francisco.  Our instructors have won several awards from nature photography to architectural photography.


Call Digital Photo Academy at 1 877 372 2231. Lots of people seem to hang up if our welcome recording comes on instead of a live voice, but we promise to return your message within a day or two if you leave one with your name and number.  It would be even better if you included your e mail address as well as the date and city of the class you are considering.  If leaving a voice mail message is not your thing, please email us at or


Comments to “San Francisco”

  1. “Hi Richard,

    I hope this finds you well! Dad and I had a wonderful time during our session with Jerry.



  2. “Hi Richard, I just thought I would let you know that I have enjoyed our class very much. Jerry was very good. Let me know next time you have another photo class in San Francisco.”


  3. “Hi Jerry,
    Thank you, and thank you for the memorable and meaningful tour. I enjoyed it a great deal and learned a lot about photography, about seeing, and about interacting with the world. You conveyed your artistic vision as well as your personal philosophy.

    I also want to way that I love all the photos below, but am blown away by the one with the man in the blue plaid shirt, because I had not seen you take that one and did not see that color palette at all. It is a reminder that while we were all on the same trip, we were all seeing something different and there is so much more one can see than is immediately apparent. Wow, what an eye you have.

    Best regards,”

    -Debra (“Chicago”)

  4. “Thank you for the workshop! I enjoyed exploring your suggestion at getting down lower when taking photos, and taking the same photo from different heights and vantage points. I love shadows and reflections, so it was a fun day for me and now I’m inspired to practice some pointers that you taught in the workshop. I also enjoyed the fact that the group was small, so it felt like we were able to get more one on one coaching.


  5. “Thank you all for being so flexible and arranging this 1:1 class. It was a lot of information and I’m looking forward to playing with the settings and learning more. Thanks again.

    Thank you,”


  6. Hey Digital Photo Academy,

    Wow, these photos are amazing. I have always wanted to visit San Francisco and rather than doing a boring tour, I feel like this would be the best way to get a real sense of the location and amazing sites.

    Hope to make it out to you guys soon.


  7. “Jerry! Thanks so much for an amazing day of pointing, shooting and reimaging. It was a great group, and a true pleasure meeting everyone. I would do it again in a heartbeat :-)”

    -Adrienne Fisher

  8. “Thanks for the great lesson and coaching! Thanks also for the links.
    I am now inspired to learn more and hopefully will shoot more as well!”


  9. (Administrator)

    “Robert Arnold was great!”

    – Mark L. Mosley

  10. (Administrator)

    “Thanks for a great photo class today! I learned a lot and really enjoyed myself. You were a great teacher and made for a fun experience.”

    – Lisa

  11. “I just wanted to let you know I have taken two of Erics classes. The first class was architectural photography in Oakland, it was very informative and fun. Eric was always there to help with the camera set up and help explain the lighting throughout the day. The second class I missed because I forgot my phone at home and there was a problem at the meeting place. Eric was great enough to email me and we set up for a few days later for me to make up the class. This is a total of 4 classes so far with DPA and I intend to take more, hopefully if I am free, I want to take Erics North Beach class.”

    – Joseph Gambardella

  12. (Administrator)

    “Thank you for helping me expand my photography knowledge yesterday via your wisdom (and I do mean wisdom)! It was really fun and I appreciate all the help and tips you gave me.”

    – Noah Levy

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