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Sai Sivanesan

Sai Sivanesan

Photographer Sai Sivanesan 01Sai Sivanesan is a photographer with many interests. He works in the fields of still and motion photography.

Based in Toronto, Canada, He Likes to blur the lines between clients and collaborators – and they include luxury brands as well as local boutiques, designers, and artists.

His commercial work has been published internationally, including Surface and Wallpaper Magazines.

His personal work is in public and private collections in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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  1. “Hi, Richard. Thanks for checking in with me about the photo workshop. The instructor was very personable and well informed and took the time to answer everyone’s questions, as well as personal hands-on instruction. I was very impressed with the quality of the workshop and felt it motivated me to learn more about using my camera. I look forward to taking additional workshops in the future.

    Warm Regards,”


  2. “Richard,
    Just wanted you to know that our son loved the Chicago class with Sai. He was able to learn a lot and really take it all in. Thank you very much for providing these classes.


    -Jill DeJong

  3. “I enjoyed our outing. you are a good teacher. and i am sure you are a talented artist!
    maybe we can collaborate on some film projects of mine!”



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