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Welcome to the DPA workshops in Minneapolis!

…taught by professional photographers Anthony Schreck , Bill Cady and Rick Sennott.



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    “I absolutely loved my experience with Tony at the Minneapolis Farmers Market! The class was great! And Tony was very helpful. I got some awesome shots that I’m really excited about. Many beautiful colors, shapes & textures.
    The rain started to come down right at 2:00. We were lucky.
    Keep me in the loop when you set up more classes in my area.”


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    “Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your message. Indeed, I was able to locate Tony and to attend the course. I greatly enjoyed the course and learned many techniques. Tony was very helpful and knowledgeable. I attached a two of my favorite pics from the day.

    Thank you again for helping me find Tony,”


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    “Bill was terrific by the way! ”


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    “I took your class in Minneapolis a couple years ago. I took many memorable shots that day that I have shared with many people.
    I would like to have more experiences like that. I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 7D Mark ll and would love to see what I could do in another setting in a class of yours.



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    “Hi, I talked with Bill Cady around 5:00, or so when my weather alarm went off
    stating there was a Tornado watch for the surrounding counties, including the
    one in which the class was going to take place, until 1am. I talked to Bill a
    couple of times sharing my concerns. He said that I could email you and I
    could then reschedule for this same class in an upcoming month. I really want
    to participate in the Stone Arch class and Bill is a great instructor! Thank
    you so much for accommodating for this scary weather!”

    -Krista Stemper

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    Enjoyed every bit of your article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.
    Ipas system

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    “I am in the early part of my photography career. I hoped to meet with an experienced photographer and review my questions in this course. My hope was exceeded in every way. I was able to spend quality time with two very fine and talented experts. The day was exciting and informative– I gained insights of immediate and long term value. Tony and Mike are truly role models.

    My pre-course goals were all achieved– and a fundamental misunderstanding about how to use my camera light meter was uncovered and corrected. I also accept the encouragement I received to be more flexible in my work and allow motion to play a role in my images. Most important I finished the day feeling empowered as a photographer.”

    – Robert Smith

  8. (Administrator)

    “I took the Composition in the Field class at the Como Zoo and Conservatory in Minneapolis. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating so we were in the conservatory the whole time. Our instructor was Tony S. He was great! Very informative and friendly. I didn’t feel like a complete newbie asking him questions.

    I’ve attached a few of my favorites from my session. It’s apparent my next lens should be a macro.”

    – Amanda Mason

  9. (Administrator)

    “Rick made the best of the rain and showed us how to take pictures in what I would have thought would be bad lighting for us to shoot in. He got is into the Como Conservatory and we skipped the zoo.
    And Yes you may use them on Facebook (just tag me if you can).”

    -Tim Schue


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