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Welcome to the DPA workshops in Dallas, taught by photographer Henry Biber,  established professional in the Dallas area and across the country. Classes are held in several locations, so be sure to choose an area that will inspire you to shoot as much as possible.



Comments to “Dallas”

  1. My wife and I took the Mastering Your Camera Controls and the Composition in the Field (Dallas Farmer’s Market) from William Morton

    What a great and informative time!

    We will be taking future composition classes in the future

    Thank you for helping us get better at photography and photo composition!
    – Bill and Kendall

  2. “We had a good day at the park in Dallas.
    William Morton was informative, patient, and courteous.
    Attached are a few of my photos from the day.”


  3. “William,
    Thank you so much for an informative afternoon. Having the instant feedback to shots was very helpful. Gave me some food for thought and areas to exercise and experiment on. Also really enjoyed flipping thru the album you posted from yesterday. Seeing the very same things but thru your eyes and lens was interesting and provided several ah-ha moments. Particularly not to be afraid of shooting what otherwise seems mundane. With the right angle and light, magic happens. I need to review my pics further and cull out one or two to post. I have so much to learn!”


  4. Hi,

    I’m interested in learning photography, but have no idea which digital camera to buy. Can you recommend a beginner camera that takes close ups and distant shots, but that isn’t too complicated? If I have to stop and read a manual often, I’ll miss all the action! My budget is under $300, if possible.

    I want to take your farmers market class, and probably others.

    Thank you foe your help, if you can.

    Lee (I’m a chick) Ostermann

  5. “The class with Henry was great. He is extremely patient and was able to show me how to use my camera and take better pictures. I can’t wait to put his lessons into practice. ”

    -Cesar Reyna

  6. “I greatly enjoyed this class. This is actually the third class I’ve taken with Mr. Biber and I’ve learned something new every time. I’d recommend the class to anyone. I’ve attached my favorite image from Saturday. Mr. Biber is very interesting and I look forward to my next class with him.”

    -Bridget Wiss

  7. “First off, please let me apologize for not responding sooner for not thanking your for taking time out of your schedule to assist me. I do look forward to signing up for classes with Henry. I would also like to be able to get more comfortable with taking pictures in the manual settings. ”

    -Earnisteen Austin

  8. “Karen and Henry provided an informative and even personalized instruction to our large class. They took the time to review, critique and guide us as individuals. As aspiring photographers, whether seeking a new profession or just enjoyment, they gave knowledge to better our craft with their amazing skills.”

    -Kim Obryon

  9. (Administrator)

    “Karen was fantastic – relaxed, confident and passionate about photography and sharing her knowledge. She was willing to answer any questions we had and kept the group on track. Her introduction material and discussion were also well prepared. Karen was on-hand and eager to review our photos as we took them and this helped reinforce her teachings over the duration of the class.

    The class was pitched just at the right level for me; I wanted something that moved past the intro/101 class and this helped me greatly. Very glad to see this as a DSLR class for people who have already covered the basics”

    – Philip Kernohan

  10. (Administrator)

    “I enjoyed this morning, and will think about the principles we learned when I frame my shots in the future. I actually love a lot of the pictures I took this morning!”

    – Michelle Sigle

  11. “I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in class Saturday. It was my first class of any kind on photography or Photoshop. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to try out the b&w conversion method you showed me.”

    – David Leaser


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