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Your Child′s First Day of School

To get great shots of your child′s first day of school, shoot both candids and posed shots. For candids, I suggest you try capturing the moments when your sons or daughters are organizing their backpacks, primping themselves in front of the mirror, giving goodbye hugs to mom and dad, getting ready to walk out the door, and ambling away toward the school bus. Reserve time to make a posed shot when your kids are all dressed and ready for their big day. Every year I′ve taken a snapshot my son by the front door of my home. It′s become an annual tradition that′s both sentimental and meaningful.

Russ Burden Tip9

Make the morning of your child′s first day of school low key. For many kids, it can be a very stressful time. Constant reassurance that everything will be OK will help comfort them. While your spouse or one of your other children is doing this, photograph these tender moments. Try to capture the feeling as hugs and smiles are shared. Pump up the ISO on your digital camera and try shooting some pictures without flash.

If it can be arranged, try to introduce yourself and your child to the teacher before the new year starts. Before my son entered Kindergarten, we did this. I got permission from his teacher to take some photos on the first day of school. In that my son felt comfortable having met her a few days before the year started, it lowered his stress and made it easy for him to pose with her. By the time he came home, I had the photo processed. Seeing the image allowed him to more easily identify with her and it also made a very memorable photo. Lastly, wait at the bus stop when your child returns from that first day as he or she steps off and runs to you with a big smile and open arms.


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