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Viterbo Lodgings

san pellegrino

The San Pellegrino has 5 rooms and is a stones throw from the other B&B’s as well as little art galleries and one restaurant that butts up against a monastery. We chatted with the owners over lunch and we have private access to the various rooms and the interior courtyard. We will bring in lights and have a lesson in stills and moving images for macro photography of the food and architectural details of the space, as well as portraits of the chef, wait staff and owners. Click here to take a look at a few shots we grabbed and you will see what I mean.


Another one of 4 or 5 bed and breakfast places where we will stay. The interior and exterior could be a movie set or an inspiration for a portfolio of stills. Again there will be lessons on both topics.


The landlord, who is seen here climbing the stairs, is a great cook. The food, photo ops if you want, is all fresh ingredients and makes you wonder what we are eating here in the states. Check out the next photo where breakfast is prepared and served.


When Jill and I walked into this breakfast room, we both agreed that the lighting from the skylight was perfect as is. Still life options abound.


In a different way, but just as worthwhile, the ambience in this dining room is inspirational. We are reserving enough rooms in enough B&B’s for 15 or 20 guests at a time to be tended to by a staff that includes lecturers, instructors, fixers, producers, post capture artists and Jill and me. This means that we will exclusively occupy 3 separate B&B’s, each a 3 minute walk from the other and there will be no guests who are not part of our group, to keep the energy focused on the passion of photography.


This room is pretty large and if we are up for it, we can have get togethers here for the whole group. Or besides dinner, we can have post capture and editing sessions here as long as you can remain awake.


This is one of the main sitting rooms on the first floor and we are thinking that we can bring some models in, dressed in clothing from the 20’s or maybe earlier. Even without models, the space is great to relax in and photos are an added benefit.


One of the many B&B side areas that will serve well as portrait shooting sets. Or maybe you might put your camera down and do a little reading for a moment or two to relax.


Same space so we can shoot close up or from a 15 foot distance.


Another set to shoot if you are not too exhausted after the two productions of the day, and the morning lecture. Every night there will be editing, critiques and post capture discussions, though, so you can make the choice.  Anyway, you are hopefully getting a sense of the B&B ambience.


A typical bedroom where each traveler will be. The rooms are authentically decorated but inclusive of comfort and modern conveniences.


Note that it might have not been around when the structure was built, but Wifi is there now.



This provides a sense of how close the various B&B’s are from each other so it is convenient for meeting up for group activities. As a rule, we will be dividing the 15 to 20 people into two separate groups so the shoots don’t get too congested. The sets will be flip-flopped, each used twice so everyone gets a chance at everything. Evening and afternoon meals and lectures will be with the overall group but the post-capture sessions can be in small groups of 2 or 3 or as large as 6 or 7, nothing larger. In 8 days, everyone who wishes can have access to the expertise of our editing and post capture artists.


And here is one of the editing session rooms. It opens to a huge terrace that seats about 60 people around a dozen or so tables and has a spectacular view of the city of Old Viterbo. The terrace will be great for lectures from, Roberto Schaeffer, Director of Photography of the Daniel Craig/James Bond flicks. Besides interesting anecdotes of challenging edits that he faced while on the Bond sets in Italy, Roberto lived in Italy for 10 years. He is excited to come back and share his knowledge and experiences. In between seasons, Lisa Groonbroer, a photo editor from The Borgias, a current SHOWTIME SERIES, will also be joining us to offer movie making insights to those interested in using the video features on their SLR cameras. Besides every category of still photography, there will be lessons on the art of making videos with this new breed of camera, whether it be travel, fine art, documentary or fantasy.


The view from the terrace of the bed & breakfast where we will listen to lectures or enjoy an evening meal. Now you may have a sense of the energy and photo ops when we are not out and about. In the next bank of images on this landing page, get to know the locals, who are warm, friendly and always up for a photo.



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