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Viterbo: Inside the City Walls


This is the main entrance of Viterbo and we stayed a few blocks outside this city wall in a nice enough hotel. Day or night, no matter how many times I passed under its archway, it was a rush, each time we approached. About 50 feet high and a photo op in and of itself, the wall surrounds the medieval origins of Viterbo, and every cobblestone remains in place. So for where we will stay now that we know better, will be a number of bed and breakfast options, all within quick walks of each other. Every place we reserve is decorated with charm and attention to detail, as if photographers were expected to be appearing at any given moment. The inexpensive arrangements include beautiful private rooms, sitting areas, dining rooms, decks and views of Viterbo. Take a look at some that are within this bank of images.



One of the beautiful restaurants and there are several different rooms, each with a different theme. The owners have welcomed us for an afternoon shoot, along with a great meal. The space offers indoor and outdoor shooting.


And this is the outdoor space that is adjacent to the restaurant. It is actually a historic monastery and the restaurant opens up to this interior courtyard for many shooting options.


This is the same space to provide a sense of the photo ops.


And another angle.


The Viterbo rain gutters are varied and plentiful, each more interesting and charming than the next.


Shadows interplay beautifully with the old stone buildings.


 The interiors and exteriors of the row houses transport back to Medieval times at every hour of day, no matter what lighting is cast.


All of the cobblestone streets are beautifully preserved, just as every other detail of the city.


Within the walls of the city, it is easy to imagine life there when Viterbo was a world class destination and the center of the Catholic religion. Popes were born there, they traveled there and the historical decisions were made there. This will be one setting for a model with outdoor lighting shoot.

viterbo11There are dozens and dozens of private gardens, some of which we will visit, others offering a view from a variety of vantage points.


The light of this church is perfect for a making a dramatic photograph, focusing on a detail, a shadow, a model or just the windows.



Every shop is a study in still lives and the proprietors will pose as well. We will bring lighting for these shoots.


Whether you sit down for lunch in one of the many restaurants or want to pick up a quick  sandwich. Everything is fresh and delicious.

oranges    pears

tomatoes     viterbo7


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