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Using Food as A Travelogue


© Hinda Schuman

While in France for two weeks I made the decision to keep a journal. I photographed every meal my partner and I ate. We prepared most of our meals. And so each day about three times a day, I used my panasonic DMCTZ3 to record the meal, or the preparation, or the clean up.


© Hinda Schuman

It is a great exercise to keep ones eyes and mind fresh to photograph everyday, and stick to a regime. It also is a great exercise in remembering that there are photographs to be made everywhere.


© Hinda Schuman

Of course, a meal made in France is soooo much better than a meal made in Philadelphia, but the point is that there is wonderful things to be photographed right in front of you. It is also a great way to create a personal record of a trip or daily life. You could choose to photograph the shirt you wear everyday, or the your child′s face everyday, or your own face everyday.


© Hinda Schuman


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