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Rule of Thirds by Rick Wright

It′s not just “another Fall in Philadelphia,” as sung by Hall and Oates. This season brought rich color and remarkable sunlit days for much of the season. While walking in Center City one afternoon, I was struck by these brilliant yellow leaves across the street. I made several exposure showing the tree and city in its entirety and simply wasn′t satisfied. I crossed the street where picture really started to take form while shooting straight up from below the yellow canopy. Instead of framing against just a pure blue sky, I maneuvered myself to a place that caught a modern glass building in the frame. Now, with so much texture, and limbs, and windows it would be smart to organize the frame as well. Rules of 1/3rds to the rescue! I put the twisting trunk at the rightmost 1/3rd, and gave a peak through to the building at the intersection of the upper left 1/3rd. You′ll notice the tree essentially frames the building looming in the background. As an added bonus for shooting straight up, the colors in the image were simplified to just blue and yellow—allowing the building and sky to seemingly merge.
Hall Oates

hall oates rick wright rule of thirds
© Rick Wright


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