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St James Park and St Lawrence Market

St James Park and St Lawrence Market



St James Park and St Lawrence Market

Toronto is a city on the rise, and no neighborhood epitomizes that quite like the area around King Street. A couple of blocks contain two great photography venues: St. Lawrence Market and St. James Park.

The neighborhood is full of opportunities for portraits of passers-by. Your instructor will teach you how to engage pedestrians for a shoot with a model.

Then, there are photo opps aplenty at the St. Lawrence market, voted the best food market in the world by National Geographic this year.

Learn tips and techniques that will make your photographs more visually complex and interesting.

The merchandise in the market is seasonal and often brightly-colored. Learn which colors “pop” best against others.

The area also has a mix of new and old-world architecture — everything from skyscrapers like the ones above to Grecian columns, as in the image below. Learn to make the contrasts work in your favor.

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You will meet your instructor at the front door of St. Lawrence Market, 92 Front Street E

95 Front Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1N1

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