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Skagit Valley Tulips

Skagit Valley Tulips


The moment anybody encounters the brilliant sea of floral colors in Skagit Valley, they are inspired whether a camera buff or just a person who enjoys nature’s beauty.

But for photo enthusiasts, the sites are particularly special as an opportunity to enhance your composition and photo layout skills. Your instructor will discuss strategies such as Leading Lines, drawing the viewer of your image within the frame, controlling where the eyes hits first and how to create a movement across the frame of the image and back. Rule of Thirds, might be epitomized when a single yellow tulip is placed in a particular spot to anchor the image and create eye movement back from the yellow flower to other points of the image and back again, a pleasing visual interaction between the components of the image.

Try closeup photographs of the undulating folds of a tulip and invite your viewer to an other-worldly sensibility that exudes soft sensuality. Contrast daffodils against tulips or even make an unforgettable environmental portraits of a bicyclist coasting by a field of blossoms. Depending on the placement of the cyclist versus the field of flowers will result in a different experience for the viewer who’s eye is dancing from the biker to the flowers and back.

Capturing colors, whether a study in color contrasts, yellow versus red, for example or same color variations. Find a single yellow tulip surrounded by saturated red tulips, contrasting in coloration, wakes up the viewers of your image. All of the red tulips can be used as what photographers refer to as Negative Space, leading the eye of the viewer to one single spot of the photo where the yellow tulip is placed.

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