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Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo

 Reid Park Zoo


In 1967, thanks to the dedication of then director Gene Reid, the Reid Park Zoo was established, now featuring more than 500 animals situated on 17 acres, consisting of four zones that are organized types of habitats and animals they house. Many people try to photograph their favorite animals, only to be disappointed with result. Troubles with the flash and exposure often leads to extremely dark or bright photos.

Participation in the Reid Park Zoo class will provide insights into the “Art of Waiting,” for the shot, not always a quick easy process but well worth the wait. Enhance your understanding of the Depth of Field technique to transport the viewer of your images of animals confined at the zoo to wildlife on the serengeti.

Throughout the 3 hour period of your class, the focus will be to enhance a city zoo ambience to create a fanciful scene of habitats and animal dwellings within. Capture close-up details that help tell the story; depict the beauty of the luxurious coat of a Bengal tiger; and set a cluster of sitting ducks against a colorful abstraction of red and blue reflections shimmering atop the pond.

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3400 Zoo Court
Tucson, AZ 85716

-access Zoo Court by taking east 22nd St. to S. Randolph Way, then head north to Zoo Court and turn left into the entrance to the zoo parking lot.

Please note admission fees below:
Current Admission:

$9.00 adults ages 15-61
$7.00 seniors ages 62+
Zoo admission is FREE for members

Parking is free.

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