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Reid Park Rose Garden

Reid Park Rose Garden


Reid Park Rose Garden


The Reid Park Rose Garden originally opened in 1960 with 232 rose beds. Today there are 100 species and 800 individual plants maintained in the garden, which received the Pacific Southwest District Garden of the Year Award in 2012. Flowers are a popular and pleasing subject matter for photo hobbyists. In this class we will discuss how to isolate and highlight the perfect specimen through the use of shallow depth of field, color contrasts and framing to create stunning compositions. If you have them, bring a macro lens and a telephoto lens, along with your normal camera set up. We will use the macro lens to do detail photos of the flowers and insects that might be on the pedals, and telephoto lenses to create portraits utilizing the rose bushes as foreground and background elements in our compositions.

Once we are done in the roses, we will walk to the nearby stream and pond within Reid Park to experiment with how shutter speeds can be used to freeze the action of moving water or allow the movement to show.

Please meet your instructor at the entrance to the garden. Parking is available at no charge adjacent to the gardens by entering Reid Park from the southern-most entrance off of Country Club Rd., then following the drive a short distance east to the gardens.

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