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Picnic Island Park

Picnic Island Park


Your Instructor has chosen the sunset hour because Picnic Island Park with its sandy beach, swaying trees and soft glow over the water, across the horizon is an ideal setting to learn the art of capturing the sweet light that comes before nightfall. You will learn how to keep an eye on cloud formations and how they interact with the sun so you are sure to capture the ideal images of your choosing.

There are also likely to be photo ops of people passing by on colorful kayaks as well as frolicking dogs in and along the shore of the water. These are easy to learn techniques to catch the action in spite of a glaring sunlight bouncing off of the water.

Your instructor will quickly explain how to control your camera’s shutter speed feature on a fountain in the park, choosing your images to come out as a velvety smooth painterly depiction of flowing water or a crystal clear stop action shot of the split second of water as it is frozen in time.

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