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Orlando Wetlands Park

Orlando Wetlands Park


Orlando Wetlands Park


The Orlando Wetlands Park offers over 1600 acres of hardwood hammocks, marshes, cattails, bulrush and scenic lakes as well as miles of woodland trails.  More than 220 different species of birds have been observed in the locale on the outskirts of Orlando and 30 species of wildlife that are currently listed on the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Threatened and Endangered WIldlife list.

Capture a wide variety in their natural habitat, blending within their environs. The open waters of the lake and marshes attract wintering waterfowl, including blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, common moorhens and American coots. During the cooler months, more common are wood storks, white ibis, black-crowned night herons and other wading birds.

Bald eagles, limpkins, and red-shouldered hawks, black vultures, and turkey vultures are year round residents. Raccoons, river otters, white-tailed deer and bobcats can be seen along the roads and hiking trails. Your instructor will offer tips and tricks to use branches and other landscape elements to create foreground effects, color contrasts and synergies and a variety of successful principles of creating powerful compositions to analyze the options that emerge throughout the shoot.

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