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Minneapolis Institute of Art

Minneapolis Institute of Art


The grand structure of the museum began in 1914 and was the vision of Stanford White and his world renown firm of the day. In 1974 another architectural style was blended in by Japanese architect, Kenzo Tange. In 2006 a third artist, Michael Graves, respectfully combined the neoclassical elegance of White’s creation with Tange’s minimalist style. It all works together and each aspect of the building offers powerful content for urban photo ops. But in February, the city is likely to be more than chilly so the major emphasis of this session is the interior of MIA and there is a lot to capture.

Your DPA instructor will help you create compelling layouts of the colorful glass Chilooly’s suspended from the ceiling in Medusa-like orbs. Or capture the dizzying array of antiquities throughout the galleries, in artistic rendering, with depth of field techniques that help to tell a story of their own. Portraits of individuals who have come to enjoy the museum also offer photos that can create jarring balances, from dramatic to humorous.Then there are paintings and modern sculptures to accessorize the visitors and they can be showcased with leading line or Rule of Third techniques and other composition approaches that will enable you to build on your own signature style of making images.

Meet your DPA instructor at the main entrance at 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55404.

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