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Jordan Hemingway

Jordan Hemingway

Jordan-Hemingway-bio-pic-2Jordan Hemingway is a visual artist whose flare for the creative emerged at a young age, when he discovered his love for photography and a passion for the still life one shutter click at a time. While a student at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Jordan adeptly improved upon his natural talents by enhancing his creative insights with the intrinsic development of a diverse set of technical skills. Hemingway’s professional photographic roots grew deeper while compiling sports photography at action packed photo-shoots for exciting skateboarding events and throughout his worldy travels internationally. Jordan’s visual portfolio consists of captivating artistic and digital travel, architectural, portrait, fashion, sports, photo-journalistic, landscape and glamor photography. his work incorporates an interesting blend of intricate lighting and a spontaneous feel to create a unique and compelling candid compositions

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