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In-the-Field Shoot With Your Cell Phone

In-the-Field Shoot With Your Cell Phone


The beauty of the Hudson Valley — whether it is snowing, raining, hailing or sunny – has inspired artists since the late 1800’s. During that period, visionary painters began to relocate to the area and gave birth to the Hudson River School of Painters, which grew into a world-renowned movement. Each month, your instructor will schedule a different inspirational location, whether a captivating nearby view of the great Hudson River, a charming village with streets lined with repurposed buildings built centuries ago or the tattered remains of a once glorious locale that transports the viewer to another time. In 3 hours your instructor will share a myriad of long successful and very easy to use, Composition Strategies, from Leading Lines, Framing, Rule of Thirds, Negative Space, Layering and more. These techniques will not only be demonstrated in-the-field by the teacher but from there the instructor will guide you to put them to use with your own cell phone.. Turning a 3 dimensional scene into a compelling 2 dimensional photo is easier than you might think. Avoid snapshot and tell a dynamic story with your photos.


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