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Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard


Hollywood Boulevard


Walking down Hollywood Boulevard, you are bound to run into tons of cameras — tourists on a rendezvous, paparazzi searching for stars, and artists, just like you, capturing amazing shots of life in Los Angeles.  But when you hit the town with your Digital Photo Academy instructor  you will be able to shoot even more incredible photos as you work first-hand with a professional photographer and learn the secrets of the trade.

Taking artistic photographs in a crowded venue can be challenging and frustrating.  With Ron, however, you will learn to work with the crowds and to find beauty in new and interesting subjects.  You will also photograph everything from the array of architecture, vehicles in motion, and the small details found in an urban environment.

During the shoot, you will learn new compositional techniques such as how to approach strangers for their photograph, how to shoot fleeting subjects, and how to find the best artistic angle to capture fashionistas, street performers, and other sidewalk strollers.

We will meet at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angelos, CA 90028.  Please bring your DSLR or another type of camera that you use, a fully-charged battery, and the equipment that you can carry.  You should dress for the weather, wear comfortable walking shoes, and carry a bottle of water.

Call Digital Photo Academy at 1 877 372 2231. Lots of people seem to hang up if our welcome recording comes on instead of a live voice, but we promise to return your message within a day or two if you leave one with your name and number.  It would be even better if you included your e mail address as well as the date and city of the class you are considering.  If leaving a voice mail message is not your thing, please email us at or

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6925 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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