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Hillsborough River Park

Hillsborough River Park


Hillsborough River Park


The Hillsborough River State Park, one of Florida’s first state parks, was founded in 1938 and has a number of options for photographers, beginning with the obvious placid pools of water surrounded by lush greenery. With your DPA Instructor, you will have demos and advice on capturing water as a cool and tranquil reflecting body of water, but at other parts of the river, there will be a lesson on varying the shutter speed to create different visual effects in your images.

And with the occasional kayaker, fisherman or picnicker, there will likely be opportunities to make environmental portraits of subjects within the grand and profound setting of nature. Practice the art of capturing natural light as it trickles through the tree tops and as an impressionistic sense to your scenery.

Although not a guarantee, there is an extensive animal community within the park, around the swamps, grassy ponds and throughout the wooded area. Content for macro photography will be readily available whether the grains of the varying trees trunks and branches, cypress, pine hardwoods and more.

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