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Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami


Downtown Miami


Downtown Miami has a diversity of culture and architecture, a scene great for the photographer. Downtown’s explosion in popularity has attracted young professionals, artists, musicians and families who only add to the energy of the area. Your DPA Instructor Bernardo Olmos, will offer you techniques on how to capture the bustling city or quiet skyline.

Bernardo will take you through Bayfront Park and to the pier. The waterfront has undergone significant changes over the years. Decades ago, Aristotle Onassis would dock his yacht at the Miami Port. And the large Miami Library was perched near the piers and waterfront. Now the Library has been replaced with the Bayfront Park, which is ripe with environmental portraits and urban life. Use your eye to capture an image that can combine the modern with the historical Downtown Miami.

Most cities do not have the Art Deco architecture that Miami was given in the early twentieth century. Capitalize on Paul’s knowledge of photography and make photos that truly capture Miami’s history and atmosphere.

We will meet in Bayfront Park, on Flagler Street and Biscayne Avenue. Please bring your DSLR or another type of camera that you use, a fully-charged battery, and the equipment that you can carry (tri-pod optional). Please dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes, and bring a bottle of water.

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Bayfront Park
Flagler St. and Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33131

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