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Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum


Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood composed largely of arts and entertainment venues near downtown in the eastern part of Dallas, Texas – north of Exposition Park and south of Bryan Place. The neighborhood is rich with history, dating back to its industrial beginnings as the site of a Ford Model T assembly line and a large cotton factory.  In the 1930’s it built a reputation as a mecca for jazz and blues musicians, and in the 1960’s and 70’s artists looking for cheap loft and studio space moved into the neighborhood. In the 1990’s through to the present day, Deep Ellum has come into its own as the hipster entertainment capital of Dallas. No matter where you turn, Deep Ellum proves to be an excellent setting for captivating photography.

Public artwork abounds in Deep Ellum, from giant outdoor sculptures to one-of-a-kind street murals. This area also happens to be the best place in Dallas for people-watching. You will find many opportunities for environmental portraits of interesting folks spending their day in the neighborhood. Murals make excellent photographic backdrops – Use a long lens and photograph passersby or ask someone to pose for your shot.

You will learn how to sharply focus on one object while completely blurring the background – limit your focus to a single plane with a wide-open aperture and achieve stunning results.

Deep Ellum lies directly east of the elevated I-45/US75 (unsigned I-345) freeway and extends to Exposition Avenue, connected to downtown by, from north to south, Pacific, Elm, Main, Commerce, and Canton streets. The neighborhood is north of Exposition Park and south of Bryan Place. Meet at  All Good Cafe on the corner of S. Walton St. Please bring a fully charged digital camera, and any other photographic equipment you would like to use during the class. Please dress for the weather and wear your most comfortable shoes.

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Meet at All Good Cafe on the corner of S. Walton St.

All Good Cafe

2934 Main St.
Dallas 75226

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