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Composition and Your Cell Phone-$40

Composition and Your Cell Phone-$40


Even now, you are out there, taking photos with your phone. Why not learn how to make each image sing! And one of the foundations of a great photo is great composition. Photo opportunities are constantly presenting themselves — make the most of them. Take this “Composition and Your Cell Phone” one-hour session, and your instructor will share age-old composition strategies and easy-to-learn tips to make sure that the wonderful 3-dimensional scene in front (or below, above, behind) comes out as the 2-dimensional image that is a faithful (maybe even a better!) representation of the scene that inspired you to click the shutter to begin with. You will soon learn, “It’s not the equipment but the shooter,” that makes the difference in photographic results.

This session is useful for owners of all models of iPhones/iPads/Androids and all levels of expertise.

There is no mystery to the composition techniques covered in the workshop: they are the same used by the Old Master painters from the Renaissance era on, and they continue to be the basic foundation relied on by artists today. You will learn these foundational principles, and, if you practice a lot, your own signature style of photography will emerge and evolve and inspire you as well as others.

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