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Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden

Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden

Beverly Cleary, now 101 years young, is one of the most published children’s book authors in the world, with over 91 million books sold and she is tributed with a whimsical 19 acre park of outdoor sculptures of her characters in the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Park of her birthplace, Portland, Oregon. In addition to the charming sculptures to photograph there are fountains, walking trails bordered by trees and flowers to capture landscape images. Your instructor will help you to employ a variety of composition techniques such as negative space, leading lines, Rule of Thirds, layering and panning.

Ample time will be dedicated to environmental portraits, to help capture the full narrative by adding the defining details of an experience while photographing friends and family in an outdoor setting. Surprisingly, it is easy to miss the obvious components but it is even easier to learn how to include such features. There will be tips for posing people in flattering ways, use of available props and backdrops that work against particular colors of clothing, etc. In fact, the tips for photographing others, will also be useful for being photographed.

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