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Photographing People, Subject Placement & Expression

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Photo by Andy Greenwell, DPA Instructor, Detroit


Photographing People: When taking pictures of people be polite and respectful to your subjects but don’t be shy! Sometimes you have to get right in there and get close to get a good photo. The dramatic photo above of NBA star Jerry Stackhouse was shot by by Andy Greenwell, DPA Instructor in Detroit. Andy posed Stackhouse with the ball, giving the photo context and purpose. Instead of it simply appearing as a photo of some random guy, it’s a basketball player with dramatic side lighting. This gut looks purposeful and intense. This brings up a point of curiosity (especially for viewers who may not recognize Stackhouse in the photo) and leads to other questions and answers by the viewer putting the photo into a context for furthering exploration.


Subject placement and expression: How do you want the subject to look? To best capture people work, ask yourself what objects need to be included in your photo. Photo can be portrait style, where the person is looking at the camera-or candid style, where the person is involved in their work, and pretending you′re not there. If you want someone to smile or not ask him or her. Or ask them to look at the camera, or not look. They are often waiting for you to tell them what to do, help them out. They will be more relaxed and more into the shoot … Resulting in better photos.


All DPA students can submit photographs for inclusion in the Digital Photo Academy, LiHD Webinar, Online Photo Class Series. If you would like to submit your photographs for an upcoming webinar, read the following. Each webinar has a specific theme or topic. You can see the date and topic of the next webinar at, Tip of the Day, Online Photo Class. Note that webinars are edited and formatted days in advance, thus please submit your photos at least a week in advance of the webinar, late submissions can not be added. Photographs are chosen, and edited, for their applicability to the webinar theme, artistic and technical merit, and content length. If your photograph is NOT chosen, it will be archived and may appear in a more appropriate future webinar.

Submit your photographs to

Please submit your images in the following specs:
Compressed JPEG
Approx size 1-2 MB per image
200 dpi
10 inch size longest edge
Large file size is requested should the need arise to magnify or open and enlarge an image during the webinar.
If EXIF Metadata is not attached please provide exposure info if possible

Please include your name and city in the image file name as below:
Please also indicate who was your DPA instructor and in what city, and at what level was your DPA class, Advanced, Intermediate or Beginner.

Please also include brief captions including subject, location and any pertinent tech info.
If it is not immediately clear from your image, for which webinar you are submitting photos, please indicate this as well.

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