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Not Everything Has To Be Fill Flashed…

Every once in a while I come across a scene in my daily photographic encounters, knowing that if the subject knows I am there, the mood, and whole scene, will be altered forever. This was once such case as I was assigned to photograph Tucson′s only Jewish museum, as I moved about some of its rooms. I happened upon this scene as the executive director at the time, Josh Protas, was looking at what he believed was an original piece of stained glass.

© David Sanders
Josh Protas, Executive Director of the Historic Stone Avenue Temple, holds up a piece of stained glass section, that he believes was a part of the Temple′s three large windows at some point between 1910-1930.  With the Temple being Tucson′s only Jewish museum, Portas also spoke of preserving the state′s oldest Jewish community.

The warm afternoon light lit up what he was doing perfectly, and to use a flash and illuminate the scene would have taken the beauty out of it, and Josh would have stopped doing what he was doing. Therefore, I opted for creating a silhouette, using a wide angle lens in this small room to with a spot meter to meter the brighter light of the window areas, knowing that he would go silhouetted as a result. The result is an uninterrupted scene bathed in its natural light.


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