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Keep Your Horizon Straight


© John Bentham

Part of the success of this photo was being in the right place at the correct time. When shooting landscapes and seascapes there is often a optimal time of day to photograph any scene. Unfortunately it is difficult to find that time of day, and depending on the weather. and season that optimal time changes daily. I was riding on a ferry just as we passed this lighthouse, I had my camera in my hand ran out on deck and shot 3 frames then we cruised past. The sky cooperated by giving me a few steaks of cloud to break up an otherwise gray plain sky.

One frame was good, but that’s all you need. When shooting seascapes keep your horizon straight, this gives viewers a visual reference point and adds a layer of depth to your photo. The general rule with horizons is they should be straight or tilted at a somewhat extreme angle otherwise it looks like a mistake.


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