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How to Create a Stellar Still Life Lighting Setup for Cheap!


1) Get a box approx twice the size of the largest piece you want to photograph.

2) Cut out front, side walls and top of the box, (leave the back and bottom intact) leaving a shell structure.

3) Cover the top and sides with trace paper, or translucent photo diffusion. It doesent have to be one large sheet, you can scotch tape pieces together. 1_Box_2.JPG

4) Cover the bottom and back in white paper that swoops at the back edge so you wont get a shadow or see a hard line in the photos.
Place box in bright direct midday sun and spin it so the the light comes in from the top and sides, with no direct light coming in the front.

5) Point the camera in from the front. Set the camera on a tripod, to make sure photos are sharp.

6) Set camera on Aperture priority.

7) Shoot at f16 to get everything in focus. ~ Or for the shallow depth of field effect shoot at f2.8 or f4.


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