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In either mode, select an aperture for the amount of depth of field you desire for the shot:

– Use a wide aperture (e.g. f2.8 or f4) for shallow depth of field to blur the area in front of and in back of the subject.
– Use a small aperture (e.g. f16 or f22) for deeper depth of field so that foreground and/or background object remain sharp (or somewhat sharper)


To avoid “camera shake” spoiling your image, try:

– Using a fast shutter speed (1/500 or even faster), or

– Using a tripod, or if not available, bracing the camera against some object (e.g. fence post), or

– Setting your shutter to the “burst” setting, which fires off several frames rapidly when you depress the shutter (often one or more fraes of the burst will be sharp).


Consider adjusting the ISO setting to achieve the aperture/shutter speed combination you desire. Remember the “triangle” (the interdependent relationship) between ISO, shutter speed and aperture.



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