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Diffusion on the Spot


When you′re photographing indoors, most of the time the artificial light is insufficient for good sharp photos – so bring your flash! Even better, bring a friend who can hold up a large white board, and bounce your flash into the board, rather than directly at the person – the light will be much softer, and, more importantly, it′ll have a direction other than directly from above the lens – the shadows on your subject will create a 3-dimensional effect, missing in direct-flash photos! Finally, put the camera in manual exposure, set the aperture for something that the flash can do when bounced (it′ll lose a lot of light!) such as F4 at ISO 200, then take some quick test shots, without the flash, to determine how low you need to set the shutter speed, in order to see some light in the background. Don′t be afraid to go down to one full second (as in this shot), as long as the person still looks like a black silhouette (the flash will light them up!). Later, in the computer, don′t be afraid to play around with the orientation of the image, and to crank up the vibrance of the colors!!!


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