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Autumn Photography

Washington DC DPA Instructor Dana Bowden offers 5 tips on photographing in the autumn time:

Tip #1: COMPLIMENTARY COLORS often exemplify the beautiful fall colors as shown in the image of bright scarlet leaves against a deep blue sky.

Dana Bowden Autumn_4
© Dana Bowden

Tip #2: A DRAMATIC SKY with a silhouette of the dark leaves is also quite dramatic.

Dana Bowden Autumn_1
© Dana Bowden

Tip #3: TRY A DIFFERENT ANGLE, like these tall trees from the ground up.

Dana Bowden Autumn_2
© Dana Bowden

Tip #4: THE SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAINS IN THE BACKDROP create a depth of field and emphasize the fall colors of the trees.

Dana Bowden Autumn_3
© Dana Bowden

Tip #5: USE A TELEPHOTO LENS to get a close up of the leaves and bring out their color with the simple but intense blue sky.

Dana Bowden Autumn
© Dana Bowden


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