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Waltham Charles River Museum of Industry

Waltham Charles River Museum of Industry

The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, in a beautiful turn of the century mill building in Waltham, MA, is a tribute to the fine craftsmanship and great inventions of this nation back during the Industrial Revolution. Founded by Francis Cabot Lowell, the man who inspired the city of the same name, the Boston Manufacturing Company, was America’s first, “integrated” textile mill built just two years after the War of 1812. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as America’s first factory.

There are many amazing things to focus your camera on inside, including over 50 displays of steam engines, gears, bicycles, typesetting equipment, line shafts, pulleys and belts from the first assembly line, a horse drawn fire engine, the original collection from the Waltham Watch Company and various ground-breaking inventions like the first flat bottomed paper bag making machine which was invented in 1871, by Margaret E. Knight. Opportunities abound for unique images, whether shooting details or wider perspectives of the many fine lines and intricate forms. The natural light bathes the room from gigantic windows above, along the high ceilings and one can imagine each machinists at their posts on the assembly line.

To properly showcase these industrial works of art, your instructor will share composition techniques such as leading lines and the rule of thirds, discuss getting proper focus and depth of field to enhance the storytelling aspect of your images, and give feedback on your shots.

Join us while we explore the past of this great nation and share our love of photography.

Please view the details of the map below to find the entrance which is close to the public street address of Charles River Museum as shown.

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