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Wall Street

Wall Street

From Broadway to South Street, for less than a mile, lies Wall Street, a dynamic destination embroiled in the minds of people around the world, a photographer’s dream. Hone in on new ways to photograph well known statues and sculptures in the area but doing so in a way that anchors the subject matter and transcends snapshot sensibility, moving to portfolio worthy images. Capture the compelling street scenes of old world architecture or people on the go. You will find the lost souls who are overlooked by society as well as those who have made it big and seem not to get beyond their own possessions and earmarkings of classic material success. Tell the story with your photographs. Your instructor will help you to create strong portraits with an Aperture Control Strategy that shows the subject in crystal clear clarity, set against the blurred background that adds to the narrative of the human condition. Develop your panning skills as the limos and taxi’s speed by, with the occasional bicycle messenger. Point your lens upward to catch the dizzying silhouettes of the buildings against the sky.

You will meet your instructor by the world famous metallic sculpture of the bull on Broadway & Morris Street, the famous sculpture that metaphorically exemplifies the treachery and merciless reality of one of the world’s unforgiving financial centers.

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meeting spot right by the main entrance of Trinity Church. The church is on Broadway and is where Wall St. begins just across the street.


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