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The Riparian Preserve At Water Ranch

The Riparian Preserve At Water Ranch

The Riparian Preserve At Water Ranch

Water in the desert?! Riparian areas are important sites for migratory birds and local wildlife. Depending upon the time of year, you may be able to spot a hundred or more species of birds. Other wildlife–dragonflies, frogs, bees, rabbits, & snakes–enjoys this habitat, & opportunities abound to photograph them. Take your time, move quietly, & constantly look around as you stroll around the ponds. Landscapes and reflections are also nice photographic options here, especially during the golden hours or during cloudy monsoon storm days.

The Preserve is designed for community use and enjoyment. Our trails connect to the Gilbert Trail System, and are accessible from various gated points of entry on all sides. Horses are allowed on equestrian portion of these trails, bikes are allowed on trails and sidewalks, and leashed, well-managed dogs can accompany walkers in all pedestrian areas. The Fishing Lake at Water Ranch is managed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department as part of their Urban Fishing Program.

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