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The Flats

The Flats, Cleveland, Flatiron


The Flats

It is surprising how an area’s history and culture can be captured within a single shot. The maritime and industrial setting of ‘the Flats’ offers an ideal aestetic for photography. Whether it is rustic metal against smooth steel, or old buildings juxtaposed with modern architecture, there are limitless possibilities for photos.

You can present your images with their stunning color, or through the simplicity of pearly whites and jet blacks.

Become trained in capture the scene that your eye finds. Reflections and shadows can add depth to an image.

The Composition in the Field instructor will offer students the techniques to create powerful images. These methods can be applied to any subject matter, and will give a professional-look to your work. Meet at the Flatiron Cafe. 1114 Center Street. Cleveland OH 44413. See you there!

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The Flatiron Cafe
1114 Center Street
Cleveland, OH 44413

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