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The Cleveland MetroParks Zoo

The Cleveland MetroParks Zoo


The Cleveland MetroParks Zoo

We offer you a safari in Cleveland during the colder months! The Cleveland MetroParks Zoo has an array of animals from all over the world!  Your DPA Instructor will present you with techiniques that will help you in taking great portraits of these exotic beasts.

Many people try to photograph their favorite animals, only to be dissapointed with result. Troubles with the flash and exposure often leads to extremely dark or bright photos.

However, the Composition in the Field class is meant to teach you various techniques that help one creat powerful images. The use of lines and angles is crucial in getting a photo to be seen well by the eye. Jeff will offer you these guidelines throughout your time in the zoo.

(You will need an additional $15 for entrance)

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3900 Wildlife Way
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Cleveland, OH 44109

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