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Tarpon Springs


Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs was first inhabited in 1876 by Mary Ormond and her dad who built a little cabin near Spring Bayou, and eventually they were joined by her soon-to-be husband, J.C. Boyer, who sailed in from Nassau. Mary named the settlement Tarpon Springs, in 1879, even though it was schools of mullet, not tarpon, that jumped into the air and performed for her as she watched from her porch. It was only a year after, with the state of Florida on the verge of bankruptcy, when industrialist Hamilton Disston, purchased four million acres of central west coast, including Tarpon Springs, to launch his saw mill and supporting commerce. He paid the Governor 25 cents per acre!! Soon a lucrative sponge processing commerce emerged and eventually the community because known as a top Winter Resort Spot.

Your instructor will guide you through a myriad of photo ops from charming architecture to beach scenes and birds to environmental portraiture. The scenes that are there for your camera inspired world renown painters George Innes and George Innes Jr., back when the Ormond’s settled the village.

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