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Stone Arch Bridge

Stone Arch Bridge


Stone Arch Bridge

Join your DPA instructor at the Stone Arch Bridge for views of the Minneapolis skyline. We will also photograph the historic Mill City Ruins Park, Gold Medal Park, and the new home of the Guthrie Theatre. We will discuss the use of circular polarizers, composition, and creative camera techniques. There are also some great spots to discuss portrait photography as well. Check below to see some of the beautiful photos captured by Tony’s students when a class was held in these locales in the recent past.

Built in 1882-83 by James J. Hill’s Minneapolis Union Railway Company, the Stone Arch Bridge is recognized as a National Civil Engineering Landmark. In 1994, the Bridge was converted into a pedestrian and bike trail, and offers a panoramic view of St. Anthony Falls and the Minneapolis skyline.

In its 19th-century heyday, this area of the Mill City Ruins Parks’, canals, tailraces, and other historic resources comprised the largest direct-drive water-powered facility in the world and was the leading international producer of flour, a commodity which was shipped both nationwide and worldwide.

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