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Sanford Riverwalk and Downtown

Sanford Riverwalk and Downtown

The city of Sanford, founded in 1877, is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Monroe, part of the scenic St. Johns River. The Sanford lakefront is home to the Sanford Riverwalk, a two-mile paved sidewalk, dotted with flower beds, a veteran’s memorial park, a kid’s splash pad as well as several restaurants and the picturesque Sanford Marina, providing dockage for some 150 boats, including several world class yachts. The remnants of turn of the century steamboat and barge docks echo Sanford’s connection as a shipping and steamboat hub long before that mouse moved in. The result is a rich canvas for photographers, providing opportunities for landscapes, nature shots, historic architectural shots and closeups. Join us for a walk through history and some stunning photo opportunities.

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Meet on the north side
of the Sanford Civic Center, which is right next to the Riverwalk. There
are shady picnic tables there which should serve well for our
pre-shooting discussion.

401 E Seminole Blvd
Sanford, FL 32771

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