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Oldtown Scottsdale

Oldtown Scottsdale


Oldtown Scottsdale

Oldtown Scottsdale is a fantastic place to shoot an Arizona metropolis that offers both clear Arizona skies and architecturally interesting structures.

This class will teach you how to compose compelling images. In the above photo, the intructor created an image of towering sillohuettes against the bright sky. Adding to the uniqueness of the image is the worm’s-eye-view perspective that makes the poles appear taller and more foreboding.

A beautiful fountain in the city provides an opportunity to master your camera’s shutter speed options. A slower shutter speed yields smooth, velvety streams of water, whereas a fast shutter speed creates clean, crisp water droplets. Both are interesting effects.

Powerful images can be created anywhere by anyone who knows the right tips and techniques. With a great venue and a great instructor, you will have every advantage for a successful shoot.

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