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Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher is one of the newest and perhaps most stellar presence in the Dallas Arts District. Besides the indoor exhibit space is a large high-walled
garden which shields one from city noises and other urban distractions. The holdings make the Nasher worthy of consideration as a world class institution. Pieces circulate in and out of the large-sized collection, requiring no years long art lover to recognize the works such as Picasso, Giacometi, Crag, Segal, Hepworth, Calder, Serra, Brancusi, de Kooning and many others of equivalent stature. As a photographer in search of a setting to inspire compelling images the Nasher is ideal, from shutter speed lessons via the dancing waters in the outside garden to pleasing the viewers of your photos with leading line techniques and Rule of Thirds concepts to properly showcase sculptures and various high art installations that rotate for public observation. Clever environmental portraits are easily organized with a willing classmate or you yourself can be the model and learn how to blend people and surrounding sets to convey a visual message. Your DPA instructor will also offer suggestions on making abstractions of ever present light and shadows, indoors and out.

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