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Lowry Zoo

Lowry Zoo


Lowry Zoo

It’s not to often that you can say you took a safari in Central Florida, just don’t tell anyone it was at the Lowry Zoo. The massive collection of exotic animals makes for an action-packed photo shoot…just make sure to keep your shutter high to capture a darting cheetah, or a flailing monkey. The photos above were taken by some of our students led by a DPA Instructor. They were mindful of their edges and did a great job placing their subjects, so DPA Headquarters is proud of these students!

Learn the classic principles of composition such as ‘Rule of Thirds’ and ‘Leading Lines’ to take powerful and appealing photos. You can control how people look at your image… whether you want the eye to scan left to right, or to look deep into the frame. Your DPA Instructor will go over these fundamentals along with several others.

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