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Lincoln Park & Conservatory

Lincoln Park and Conservatory

Rain or Shine, the Lincoln Park Conservatory is an excellent venue for a day of creative shooting, indoors and outdoors, for portraiture, flora, architecture, even action. Whether a seasoned shooter or a hopeful beginner, your Digital Photo Academy instructor will begin with a short lecture on the art of capturing light and then explain the classic theory of composing powerful images that apply techniques not dissimilar to theories applied as far back as renaissance painters centuries ago. Beginning with the intricate glass structure that was first erected the early 1890’s the small group of attendees will have their chance, with instructor guidance to capture interesting perspectives silhouetted against the sky, close up for abstractions and backdrop in portrait shooting. Once inside the lesson will gravitate toward capturing natural lighting through the windows as well as macro-photography and environmental portraiture. The small waterfalls are a perfect opportunity to learn the technique of rendering images of water that vary from crystal clear stop-action to velvety impressionism. Afterward, the group is invited to convene at the Lincoln Park Zoo Park Place Cafe to have a friendly chat about the shoot of the day. As you stroll over, Tom will explain the art of Panning, a shutter speed technique that depicts motion.

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