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La Boulange in North Beach

La Boulange in North Beach

La Boulange in North Beach

Imagine that you’ve been hired to shoot photos of this colorful, little Italian neighborhood in San Francisco for an article in a national magazine.  Your DPA instructor will lead a small group of photographers on a rewarding quest to fulfill an assignment for a fictitious magazine.

In the field, you will learn how to read and interpret the assignment letter so you can prepare for, and map, shoots, including determining when releases are needed and how to obtain them, and using negative space for copy. You will also gain confidence in your interpretation and composition in the field as you learn new techniques and review your shots to finish the assignment.

We will start at the La Boulange in North Beach, have a short meeting, and start shooting, reviewing the days shots at the Caffe Trieste.

There will be quite a bit of walking so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. Please bring only the kit that you can carry and with a battery that is fully charged.

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