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Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

First established in 1909, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, on the northern border of Hermann Park, is a four floor showcase of science, geological displays, gems and minerals which make for interesting close up image making. The imposing glass structure of the building is a photo op in and of itself, with interesting sculptures to accessorize the architecture and your instructor will share techniques to create an interesting interaction between the edifice and its surrounding plants, steps and railings. You will learn composition strategies such as leading lines, Rule of Thirds, Layering, Negative Space, and more, all to turn an ordinary snapshot into something more dynamic to catch the eye of those who view your images.

The photo ops range from prehistoric dinosaur fossils to colorful butterflies as well as beautiful flowers and flora in a rain forrest setting. Learn to control your camera shutter speed on the waterfall, from a split second stopping the motion of the water to the velvety impression of gentle waters in their unending flow. Of particular appeal is the outdoor sculpture garden allowing for interesting environmental portraits. The wall murals also make for great backdrops of portraits as well, turning a snapshot photo to a compelling photo.

Your DPA Instructor will teach you the art of waiting for the decisive moment, perhaps a praying mantis devouring its prey, or a beautiful butter fly sunning on a green leaf for a perfect portrait of dazzling color.

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