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Glen Echo Park

Glen Echo Park

Dating back to the early 1900’s up through the 60’s, Glen Echo Park was the go-to spot for DC residents and others who were looking for gleeful carnival and amusement park activities, including the roller coasters and the vintage variety of attractions. Today a photographer can create a dream like narrative using the charming structures as subject matter. Your DPA instructor will demonstrate use of color, Art Deco architecture, and especially the antique Dentzel carousel dating back to 1921. The menagerie includes 2 chariots, 4 rabbits, 4 ostriches, a lion, a tiger, a giraffe and a prancing deer.

This myriad of colorful displays can serve as anchors and props to enhance a portrait of a friend or family member and the DPA instructor will show you some easy tips to use the setting in a way that anchors the eye of the viewer of your images to accent a more compelling depiction of whomever you are photographing, resulting in photos that go well beyond the snapshot category. You will learn how to pose people or little tricks to catch them in a candid but flattering fashion against contrasting or complimentary colors that showcase their eyes, hair, clothing so your results are dynamic and worth keeping.

You will meet the instructor at the parking lot by the wooden bridge which also serves as the parking lot for the Clara Barton House at 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD, 20812


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